SVARTHYMN was formed as a band back in 1999 by Mikael Olsson and John Sjödin.
In May 2001 SVARTHYMN entered the Leprechaun Studio, located in Örnsköldsvik,
to record the songs for the release "In blackest ruin" (Split-demo with Armagedda). Shortly
after this the band returned to its primordial shadows...

Until now, 2013.

The self-titled MCD has now been released through Heidens Hart Records, limited and
handnumbered to 500 copies. This is the re-release of the demo songs initially released
on the split-demo with Armagedda, 2001. This time with far better sound quality. You can
either buy it directly from us or through HHR. (

50SEK/5EURO + Postage

Beside the re-release of the demo songs SVARTHYMN is currently working on a new
release. The title is yet unknown but will be revealed in a nearby future.

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